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No more tracking cookies on our Legal Information websites
30 Apr 2024 by Greg Kempe

We've removed tracking cookies from all our legal information websites to improve privacy.

Join the Africa Startup Law Accelerator Program 2024 for Startups in Africa powered by Law.Africa and the Lawyers Hub
11 Apr 2024 by Greg Kempe

Build cool AI stuff with our African digital legislation collection!

Open By-laws is now a part of Law Library
24 Jul 2023 by Greg Kempe

After ten years, is now part of the Law Library family.

Pocket Law: Improving Free Access to Legal Information
26 Nov 2021 by Robley Gori

We've released of a new version of Pocket Law, a desktop application which makes African legal information available offline.

New: Best practices for publishing legislation online
16 Nov 2021 by Greg Kempe

We've published our best practices for making online legislation user-friendly.

Laws.Africa joins the Free Access to Law Movement
20 Sep 2021 by Greg Kempe

We're now an official member of the global Free Access to Law Movement.

Meet our advisory board: Ndidi Ezenwa
13 Sep 2021 by Greg Kempe

A brief Q&A with our advisory board member Ndidi Ezenwa.

Meet our advisory board: Robert Buergenthal
6 Sep 2021 by Greg Kempe

A brief Q&A with our advisory board member Robert Buergenthal.

Meet our advisory board: Justice Isaac Lenaola
16 Aug 2021 by Greg Kempe

A brief Q&A with our advisory board member Justice Isaac Lenaola.

Meet our advisory board: Vidhu Vedalankar
10 Aug 2021 by Greg Kempe

A brief Q&A with our advisory board member Vidhu Vedalankar.

Country codes in FRBR URIs
27 Jul 2021 by Edith V

It’s straightforward, until it isn’t!

From the Ashes: An African Preservation Imperative
7 Jul 2021 by Mariya Badeva-Bright and Greg Kempe

The devastating loss of thousands of African gazettes to fire is an urgent call to preserve the documents that underpin African legal systems and governance structures.

Uganda National Legislation Collection
30 Jun 2021 by Mariya Badeva-Bright

Laws.Africa partnered with the Uganda Judiciary's ULII to digitise and update the Laws of Uganda. The result is a selection of 98 Acts and 8 Statutory Instruments that are now up-to-date and available, for free, at

Using Akoma Ntoso with African legal materials
18 Jun 2021 by Edith V

Announcing AKN4Africa, our recommendations for applying Akoma Ntoso to African legal materials.

Call for board member nominations
11 Feb 2021 by Greg Kempe

Laws.Africa invites nominations for appointment to the non-executive advisory board of Laws.Africa.

Laws can be messy, but they don't have to be
12 Jun 2020 by Mariya Badeva-Bright

The Laws.Africa platform enforces quality of legislation consolidation by incorporating provenance, verification and strict reliance on the government gazette as the source of public record.

Do you trust legislation that you find on the Internet?
12 Jun 2020 by Greg Kempe

How readers determine if laws they find online are trustworthy and up to date.

Kannaland municipal by-laws are now available on
6 Apr 2020 by Greg Kempe

The by-laws for Kannaland municipality are now available on

Bergrivier and Cederberg municipal by-laws are now available on
24 Mar 2020 by Greg Kempe

The by-laws for Bergrivier and Cederberg municipalities are now available on

African legal technology organizations partner to develop a new caselaw management system for Kenya
6 Mar 2020 by Mariya Badeva-Bright

Press Release | 6 March 2020 | Nairobi, Kenya and Cape Town, South Africa

African LIIs and Laws.Africa are building the largest free and open access repository of African gazettes
14 Jan 2020 by Mariya Badeva-Bright

We collect, digitize and publish African government gazettes because legal certainty demands that public information is accessible, authoritative and available for verification.

Machine-friendly legislation – who’s doing what
4 Oct 2019 by Edith V

A sample of tools and projects in the field of machine-friendly legislation

How we built an automated glossary for Namibian legislation
2 Sep 2019 by Greg Kempe

How we used legislation-as-data to create an automated glossary to explore over 3000 defined terms in Namibian law.

Using by-laws to tackle local service delivery
22 Aug 2019 by Greg Kempe

How Cape Agulhas youth found solutions to illegal liquor sales and poor refuse removal in their local by-laws.

Automating with Laws.Africa
15 Jul 2019 by Greg Kempe

How uses Laws.Africa and “legislation as data” to automate the work of making municipal by-laws freely available.

Laws.Africa, AfricanLII and Kenya Law: faster, cheaper, better
14 Mar 2019 by Greg Kempe

Laws.Africa, AfricanLII and Kenya Law are collaborating to transform how Kenyan legislation is managed, consolidated and made available online for free with Akoma Ntoso.

What Government and the Law can Learn from Cloud Computing’s Success
14 Feb 2019 by Greg Kempe

The enormous impact of cloud computing on the pace of business innovation over the last ten years bears an important lesson for the law and the government: the significant value of shared, re-usable resources.