We digitise African legal information for public use.

Our Legislation Commons contains African legislation under a Creative Commons license.

We build open source software that makes managing a legislation database simple.

Legislation Commons

High-quality, up-to-date African legislation in HTML, PDF and Akoma Ntoso XML. Creative commons licensed.
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31 March 2021
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26 March 2021
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A special collection of COVID-19 regulations for African countries.
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Nigerian National Legislation
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The largest digital collection of free African Gazettes.

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Open By-laws South Africa

Making South Africa's municipal by-laws easy to find, read and share.

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Indigo Platform

An open source legislation database and consolidation platform.

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Laws.Africa invites nominations for appointment to the non-executive advisory board of Laws.Africa.

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12 Jun 2020 by Greg Kempe

How readers determine if laws they find online are trustworthy and up to date.

Laws can be messy, but they don't have to be
12 Jun 2020 by Mariya Badeva-Bright

The Laws.Africa platform enforces quality of legislation consolidation by incorporating provenance, verification and strict reliance on the government gazette as the source of public record.

Kannaland municipal by-laws are now available on openbylaws.org.za
6 Apr 2020 by Greg Kempe

The by-laws for Kannaland municipality are now available on openbylaws.org.za.

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Use machine-friendly legislation and metadata to build apps and services that make it easier for users to find, work with and understand African legislation.

The Laws.Africa legislation commons is available as structured, machine-friendly Akoma Ntoso XML through the Laws.Africa Content API.

Laws.Africa Content API

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The Indigo Platform is an open source cloud platform that significantly reduces the time and cost of maintaining and consolidating legislation.

Indigo simplifies online and print publishing, record keeping and research by treating legislation as data.

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