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The Laws.Africa legislation commons makes African legislation freely available to everyone. The commons is supported by the community and anyone can help out. You can also build apps and services using the machine-friendly Content API.

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Our projects

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Laws.Africa Legislation Commons

An ever-growing, community-maintained collection of African legislation.

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The largest digital collection of free African Gazettes.

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Open By-laws South Africa

Making South Africa's municipal by-laws easy to find, read and share.

Faster, cheaper legislation consolidation

The Indigo Platform is an open source cloud platform that significantly reduces the time and cost of maintaining and consolidating legislation.

Indigo simplifies online and print publishing, record keeping and research by treating legislation as data.

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Use Laws.Africa Content to Power Your Business and Research

Use machine-friendly legislation and metadata to build apps and services that make it easier for users to find, work with and understand African legislation.

The Laws.Africa legislation commons is available as structured, machine-friendly Akoma Ntoso XML through the Laws.Africa Content API.

Laws.Africa Content API

Latest articles

Mariya Badeva-Bright
African LIIs and Laws.Africa are building the largest free and open access repository of African gazettes

We collect, digitize and publish African government gazettes because legal certainty demands that public information is accessible, authoritative and available for verification.

Edith V
Machine-friendly legislation – who’s doing what

A sample of tools and projects in the field of machine-friendly legislation

Greg Kempe
How we built an automated glossary for Namibian legislation

How we used legislation-as-data to create an automated glossary to explore over 3000 defined terms in Namibian law.