No more tracking cookies on our Legal Information websites

30 April 2024, by Greg Kempe

At Laws.Africa, we believe that access to legal information should not only be free but also private and anonymous. These values are part of the founding declaration of the Free Access to Law Movement.

That’s why we’re excited to share a significant update with our users and visitors: we have completely eliminated tracking cookies from the network of Legal Information Institute (LII) websites that we run in collaboration with AfricanLII. We no longer use Google Analytics and visits are both private and anonymous.

This change is part of our commitment to ensuring that you can access important legal resources—such as legislation, court judgments, and government gazettes—without compromising your privacy.


“We believe that the right to privacy is fundamental, and anonymous access to free legal resources is an essential part of that,” says Ms. Mariya Badeva, founder of AfricanLII and an expert in access to law in Africa. “By eliminating cookies and enhancing site performance, AfricanLII and its partner websites are at the forefront of making legal information accessible while respecting user privacy.”

Faster websites

By removing cookies, we not only protect your anonymity but also improve the performance of our websites. Without cookies, we can now use advanced caching techniques to help our pages load faster, allowing you to access the information you need more quickly and efficiently. This means less time waiting and more time engaging with critical legal information.


Unlike many other sites, our privacy-first approach ensures that your search history and site interactions remain confidential and anonymous. This commitment sets us apart in the digital landscape, where data privacy is a top concern for many users.

We invite you to visit our partner sites such as, and TanzLII to explore our broad collection of African legal information, knowing that your privacy is preserved, and your access is faster than ever. Share this development with friends and colleagues who will appreciate both the breadth of free legal information and the respect for their privacy.