Meet our advisory board: Ndidi Ezenwa

13 September 2021, by Greg Kempe

The four members of the Laws.Africa advisory board support the organisation through guidance and expertise.

One of our board members is Ms Ndidi Ezenwa. Ndidi is the General Counsel at Juven, a private investment firm which invests in technology enabled and consumer businesses operating in Africa. She was also seconded to work as Head of Legal and Investor Relations for Kobo360, a Lagos based tech startup.

In this Q&A, Ndidi explains why she joined the Laws.Africa advisory board and her belief in access to African legal information.

Law is the bedrock of society and governs every aspect of our daily lives. Key examples include access to finance and healthcare, matters relating to family and inheritance, taxation, land rights, the environment, commercial transactions, immigration and human rights. On this basis, free access to legal information is essential (1) to ensure that the average person understands their rights and can accordingly protect their personal and business interests; and (2) to level the playing field between individuals seeking justice, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Why do you support Laws.Africa?

As a corporate lawyer by background who has spent a significant portion of the last decade advising clients on transactions in Africa, I have witnessed the challenges that unclear legislation in certain jurisdictions can present for international companies seeking to make commercial decisions. Individuals and SMEs are faced with similar problems when faced with a lack of access to the legal framework governing their daily lives. I truly believe that broader access to law, and therefore access to justice, is an essential tool to empower individuals in all aspects of their life and protect their rights. On this basis, Laws.Africa’s mission aligns with my personal values and beliefs.

All over the world, we are seeing examples of women and girls experiencing a lack of access to education, financing and safe working conditions and being subject to violence, particularly in areas of conflict. Free access to law can serve as a powerful tool to protect and further women rights, and makes Laws.Africa’s work even more important. By way of example, the use of law to enforce land rights and ensure that women can access loans often means more equal power for women within the home and broader community, as well as enabling them to realize economic opportunities and safeguard their family’s future even if they become the sole provider.

You can read more about Ms Ezenwa, and our other advisory board members, on our About Us page.