Join the Africa Startup Law Accelerator Program 2024 for Startups in Africa powered by Law.Africa and the Lawyers Hub

11 April 2024, by Greg Kempe

The Africa Startup Law Accelerator run jointly by Laws.Africa and Lawyers Hub call for applications is open from 11 April 2024 to 30 April 2024!

Laws.Africa has entered into partnership with Lawyers Hub to launch the Africa Startup Law Accelerator 2024. The Africa Startup Law Accelerator 2024 encourages innovation in the legal tech space in Africa. The program helps new and existing organizations to integrate Law.Africa’s digital legislation and legal data into their projects, with the intention of lowering the barrier to entry for innovation.

While the program is open to all, the practical application is for those already developing solutions involving AI and legal data. Participating organizations will get free access to Laws.Africa’s digital legislation collection, guidance on use of the data together with Laws.Africa’s Law Widget library, and access to a curated set of court judgments.

Virtual workshops will cover the following training modules:

  • Workshop 1: Foundations of AI & Legal Data
  • Workshop 2: Technical Integration of AI & Legal Data
  • Workshop 3: Legal Issues in Cross-border AI & Legal Data Integration
  • Workshop 4: Market Fit Strategies for AI & Legal Data Products
  • Workshop 5: Pricing & Affordability of AI Products

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