Use Laws.Africa Content to Power Your Business and Research

A broad collection of African legislation data in machine-readable Akoma Ntoso XML. Accurate, comprehensive, uniform, and up-to-date.

Use Laws.Africa’s broad collection of machine-readable African legislation in your business, apps, research and analysis. Comprehensive, continuously updated, and easy to integrate into your apps and machine learning pipelines.

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Keep up with evolving African law

We monitor a wide range of sources to ensure our legislation data is accurate and up-to-date. New laws and amendments are available within ten business days in most countries. Work with both current and historical versions and track the changes that were made.

Akoma Ntoso XML

We use Akoma Ntoso XML, the open, non-proprietary industry standard for legislative documents. It’s machine-readable and separates content from structure and presentation. This makes it a powerful building block that is easy to integrate into your applications, research tools or machine learning pipeline.

Machine learning and AI-ready

Integrate African legislation into your machine learning pipeline, including natural language processing, topic modeling, machine translation, document clustering and semantic tagging. Our legislation data is uniformly structured across all our country and subject-area collections, making bulk analysis straightforward.

JSON Metadata, HTML, XML and PDF

Rich JSON metadata includes original publication details, amendments, commencements, repeals and a detailed Table of Contents for each law. We provide legislative content in multiple formats: Akoma Ntoso XML, presentation-ready HTML, ePUB, and print-ready PDF.

Integration guidance and support

We’re experts in working with Akoma Ntoso XML and legislative data. We can provide your development team with technical guidance on integrating with our APIs and data. Let your developers focus on building features, not on understanding XML and the law.

Pricing Plans

Flexible options for commercial and non-commercial uses.

Non-Commercial and Research

FREE for non-commercial uses.

  • Non-profit, academic research, and education.
  • Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike (CC-BY-NC-SA) licencing.
  • Provide attribution to Laws.Africa.
  • Publish your outputs and research.
Commercial Uses

Permissive licensing for commercial use cases.

  • Full access to Laws.Africa content and data on a per-country basis.
  • Provide attribution to Laws.Africa.
  • Commercial support helps to maintain the commons and supports free access to the law, for everyone.