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Edith V
Machine-friendly legislation – who’s doing what

A sample of tools and projects in the field of machine-friendly legislation

Greg Kempe
How we built an automated glossary for Namibian legislation

How we used legislation-as-data to create an automated glossary to explore over 3000 defined terms in Namibian law.

Greg Kempe
Using by-laws to tackle local service delivery

How Cape Agulhas youth found solutions to illegal liquor sales and poor refuse removal in their local by-laws.

Greg Kempe
Automating with Laws.Africa

How uses Laws.Africa and “legislation as data” to automate the work of making municipal by-laws freely available.

Greg Kempe
Laws.Africa, AfricanLII and Kenya Law: faster, cheaper, better

Laws.Africa, AfricanLII and Kenya Law are collaborating to transform how Kenyan legislation is managed, consolidated and made available online for free with Akoma Ntoso.

Greg Kempe
What Government and the Law can Learn from Cloud Computing’s Success

The enormous impact of cloud computing on the pace of business innovation over the last ten years bears an important lesson for the law and the government: the significant value of shared, re-usable resources.